About Us

Online Working at Heights Training is a flexible and convenient method of obtaining your WAH certification.

Online WAH Training has been a Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) approved WAH training provider since December 2017. All training is current and relevant for workers in the construction industry. The online component can be completed on your time, when it is convenient for you.

The second component, 4 hours of practical training in the classroom, is available when you are available. Evening and weekend classes make it possible to schedule training at a convenient time and location that doesn’t require time off from work. Small class sizes ensure that all educational backgrounds, varying levels of construction experience, and differences in language and culture can be accommodated.

Ready to Get Started?

It's very easy to get the ball rolling! Simply click below to access our registration page. Choose the date that works for you and we'll then follow-up with you to get you moving forward with your online courses (Part 1) and your in-class, practical training (Part 2).


NEW: We Offer Women-Only Classes!

As more women are entering the high-paying construction industry, we would like to support them by providing practical training.


NEW: Reduced Rates for Students and Registered Apprentices!

To encourage more workers to join the construction industry, we also offer reduced rates for students and registered apprentices with supporting documentation.


Convenient Training Times

First-time learners and those needing Refresher training only require 4 hours off of work.