Getting Started With Your Training

You can choose your classroom training day. Working at Heights Training is scheduled every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm and every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00pm. Contact us to arrange other days and times to suit your schedule.

Step One: Online Training

You can begin your online training modules whenever you’re ready! You can use your phone, computer or tablet and can stop and start when your time is available.

Legislation states that workers must be trained in the following:

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Identification of the Hazards of Working at Heights
  • Eliminating or Controlling the Hazards of Working at Height
  • Warning Methods and Physical Barriers
  • Ladders and Similar Equipment
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Step Two: Classroom Practical Training

This 4-hour program can be completed on the weekend or in the evening, so no productive work time is lost. You will need your photo ID and completion certificate from your online training.

This is hands-on training that focusses on the following:

  • Barriers and Other Fixed Equipment
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor Points
  • Work Access Equipment and Platforms
  • Rescue Planning

Once you have completed your online training, you will receive a proof of completion record. Our team will register you with SkillsPass™ so you can now access, view, print and share your training records online and on your smartphones 24/7. No more lost training cards or contacting training providers for a replacement!

Note: If you wish to use your equipment (harness, lifeline, rope grab) please notify the instructor when you arrange for your in-class practical training session.

Mandatory Refresher Training

Working at Heights legislation requires mandatory refresher training every 3 years in order for a worker to continue working on a construction site. This means that Part 2 (4 hours of practical instruction) must be repeated every 3 years and provided by an approved working at heights provider. Refresher training is available at convenient hours, so learners / workers do not have to miss regular work time. Contact us for available evening/weekend dates!


NEW: We Offer Women-Only Classes!

As more women are entering the high-paying construction industry, we would like to support them by providing practical training.


NEW: Reduced Rates for Students and Registered Apprentices!

To encourage more workers to join the construction industry, we also offer reduced rates for students and registered apprentices with supporting documentation.


Convenient Training Times

First-time learners and those needing Refresher training only require 4 hours off of work.